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Imperatives for Securing Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights For Women and Girls Living With Disabilities in Nigeria By Folakemi O. Ajagunna



Disability is any form of impairment either in the body or soul which makes it difficult for a person with it to carry out certain activities in the society. According to reports, about 25million Nigerians have one form of disability or the other, and 13million of them are women and girls. Women And Girls With Disabilities (WAGWD) have the same Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) as other people but in most instances their rights are not recognised. This paper sets out to appraise the SRHR of WAGWD in Nigeria. The paper adopts a desk review of literature on the subject matter. It examines the existing legal and policy framework on the rights of persons with disabilities, and the challenges faced in the implementation of their rights. This research finds that SRHR of WAGWD is not addressed in the Disability Act when compared with the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. It also finds that there are negative stereotypes which militate against the implementation of their rights in the country.  The paper concludes that, an intensive sensitization is foremost required to help form better societal attitudes towards recognition of the SRHR of WAGWD. In addition, an all-inclusive approach can aid in better policy formulation for persons with disabilities in Nigeria.

Keywords: Disability rights, Sexual health rights, Women rights, Disabled


Disability is any condition of the body or mind which is an impairment that makes it more difficult for the person with the condition to engage in certain activities and interact with the world around them.


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