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Terrorism as a Monster to the Right to Life – Beyond Legislation Alone By Majekodunmi, ToyinAfolabi & Akintola John Oluwasegun



Municipal laws of countries of the world uphold right to life and prohibit arbitrary killing which is also prohibited by all international and regional human rights instruments. However, the unfortunate monster of terrorism, which is currently ravaging the world, has turned many human societies of the world to slaughtering grounds where human lives are terminated with reckless abandon almost on a daily basis. Though, there are laws enacted to curb this heinous act, yet it has proved unabated. This paper focuses on domestic terrorism, as opposed to transnational terrorism, and interrogates some human created societal problems/factors responsible for its emergence such as unequal access to economic and social benefits, wide social inequality, lose of faith in judiciary, lack of education, poverty, bad leadership among others. It concludes that States` reliance on legislations and battle of arms may prove to be effective in tackling terrorism in the short run, it will not completely subdue it. It is finding solution to the above named societal problems that will kill the monster of terrorism in the long run.

Keywords: Domestic terrorism, freedom, justice, inequality, liberation the right to life.


Human rights are rights that are reserved for human beings by virtue of being human beings and they are enjoyed through the standard of human behaviour to one another as regulated and controlled by international and municipal laws.


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